Signed Robert Kuo Orange Hand Blown Peking Glass Vase


PEKING GLASS – Chinese Glassmaking

  • The glassblower begins with a piece of molten glass that is blown and formed into an initial shape. While still molten, another layer of molten glass is added to the piece and then blown some more. As many as six layers of glass may be added then blown again into its final form.
  • The glass vessel must cool very slowly over several days. If allowed to cool too quickly, the thick glass will craze and crack.
  • Finishing uses the same methods and techniques used in jade carving. Carving and grinding the glass often cuts into the inner layers of glass to add surface complexity and depth to the piece.
  • Robert Kuo has experimented with color combinations, with combinations of opaque and clear glass, and with carving techniques to achieve a depth of color, surface interest, and richness not found in earlier pieces. Robert Kuo expands the tradition by designing pieces that compliment the classic shapes while presenting a clearly contemporary attitude.
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