Framed Eight Piece Antique Spanish Silver Sacred Heart Collection


This set of 8 antique Spanish silver sacred hearts were found in Spain. The collection is displayed on grey felt in an antique embossed metal frame. The sacred hearts are pinned in place with a decorative pearl topped straight pin. They can be re-arranged as desired. The smallest heart measures 2.75″H x 1.75″W. The largest heart measures 8.25″H x 4.75″W. A flame is placed at the top of each heart. The flame signifies the divine light of love. Other religious symbols occur on these hearts as well.

An ex-voto is a votive offering to a saint or to a divinity; the term is usually restricted to Christian examples. It is given in fulfillment of a vow or in gratitude or devotion. Ex-votos are placed in a church or chapel where the worshiper seeks grace or wishes to give thanks. – Sourced from Wikipedia

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