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Taking a break this week in Santa Barbara, here looking back at the city from the pier in the morning sun.

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A sweet little gem from our newest shipment...

 A vintage French four light crystal chandelier.

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One of our favorite things from our New Shipment...

 Vintage French brass and glass dessert trolley, center section spins and has a removable top tray.

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Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone!

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Don't miss out on this!

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Owl Released Back into the Wild

 Our clients kicked off their house warming party last night with the release of a rehabilitated owl back into the wild. It was really amazing!

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We love to repurpose antiques into interesting items with a new purpose...

TS617 - Antique Spanish Stone Wheel From an Olive Oil Factory and and Antique Spanish Hand Carved Round Stone Trough Combined to Create an Outdoor Coffee Table.

    • ts617

 TS618 - Antique Spanish Stone Wheel From an Olive Oil Factory and and Antique Spanish Hand Carved Round Stone Trough Combined to Create an Outdoor Coffee Table

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Have a Safe and Fun Filled Labor Day Weekend!

Wishing everyone a happy Labor Day weekend. Relics will be open on Saturday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, but closed on Sunday and Monday. Our fall/winter hours start on Tuesday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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We're Back!

After walking 252,000 steps (126 miles) all over Italy, Belgium and France we’re back! We brought a few small treasures home with us on the plane. The rest of the goodies will arrive in October. It’s great to be home! 

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Having dinner at Les Ombres, near the Eiffle Tower.

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Yesterday's fantastic lunch of smoked duck with olives, tomatoes, lettuce and peppers in the beautiful village of Opped Vieux.

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Spent this afternoon in Oppede, a peaceful hill town before catching the train to Paris.

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Our lunch time view today

Having lunch in Oppede today while our loaded truck is on its way to the warehouse.

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It's so nice to see Tasha, our little westie, enjoying herself while we are gives us peace of mind!

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Our favorite find of the day...

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Mmm...L'assiette Provencale Alfresco.

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Madonna Sculptures

Sculptures of the madonna like this one are mounted to building exteriors all around Antwerp, Belgium. We learned today after the reformation and the protestants were chased out, Spain encouraged Antwerp to become an example city of catholicism. Building owners with exterior lighting paid a tax for the light, unless their light illuminated a madonna sculpture. As a result, there were thousands of madonna sculptures at one point. 

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A gorgeous painting that we are dreaming about...sigh.

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Find of the day

Check out this bluestone shower pan. What an awesome outdoor shower this is going to make!

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Vacation is Over

It's been another world on this trip and have met many people and had a lot of fun. Vacation is over and tomorrow we hit the ground running in Belgium. Here at are a few shots from the past couple of days.

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