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Holy Water Font Collection

 We found some beautiful holy water fonts from this last trip.

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We're Home!

 We're home and we brought a few treasures with us. The rest of the goodies will arrive sometime near the end of January. We had a great and successful trip!

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Wonderful Hand Lettered Sign

Came across this wonderful hand lettered sign in a shop full of artists Christmas ornaments inspired by a touch of the macabre. It's great to see the art of hand lettering still being practiced.

    • 2014121195202527
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Christmas Lights!

 The beautiful lights of the Christmas market at the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.

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 41 Degrees in Copenhagen tonight but it feels much, much colder to us desert boys.

    • 20141210 192919
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On our way to Copenhagen for a little sightseeing, museums & of course the Christmas markets!!!!

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Quite the whimsical store display in Belgium

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A beautiful morning in Malaga

The cathedral is just outside our window and reflects the sun so beautifully, if not a bit brightly.

    • 20141205 085431
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Stunning Architecture!

Stunning architecture of the main cathedral in Granada, breathtaking!

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Having Lunch in Grenada with Friends

Having lunch in Granada with our friends Fernando and Serena. Can't imagine taking time for a siesta in our home routine, but we fall right in with it here. Maybe it's jet lag - or wine with lunch.

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Super day of buying in Spain

Here's one of our favorite pieces from the day.

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Our first day working in Spain

Olives scent the air and the olive factories are bustling in the middle of harvest. Mild weather makes for a nice day.

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We're off to Spain, Belgium, France and Denmark!

We landed in Atlanta, made it to the connecting flight and stayed loading immediately. Zero layover, nice way to shorten journey. First stop, Madrid to begin our winter buying trip.

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Taking a break this week in Santa Barbara, here looking back at the city from the pier in the morning sun.

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A sweet little gem from our newest shipment...

 A vintage French four light crystal chandelier.

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One of our favorite things from our New Shipment...

 Vintage French brass and glass dessert trolley, center section spins and has a removable top tray.

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Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone!

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Don't miss out on this!

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Owl Released Back into the Wild

 Our clients kicked off their house warming party last night with the release of a rehabilitated owl back into the wild. It was really amazing!

    • 20140925 182405
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We love to repurpose antiques into interesting items with a new purpose...

TS617 - Antique Spanish Stone Wheel From an Olive Oil Factory and and Antique Spanish Hand Carved Round Stone Trough Combined to Create an Outdoor Coffee Table.

    • ts617

 TS618 - Antique Spanish Stone Wheel From an Olive Oil Factory and and Antique Spanish Hand Carved Round Stone Trough Combined to Create an Outdoor Coffee Table

    • ts618
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