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"Hello My Friends"

Spring Fever is hitting us and we're thinking about garden goodies

 Check our our Garden Planter Gallery.

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What word or words would you create using this set of 20 vintage zinc letters?

Relics is the exclusive retailer in Arizona for Santa Maria Novella, a wide range of home and body fragrance items from Italy.

    • smn 2016 2
We've recently extended our line of Santa Maria Novella. In addition to the classic favorites - the pot pourri and terra cotta pomegranate - we have added room sprays, talcum powders, shave cream, pot pourri jars, scented wax tablets and other items for you to luxuriate in. Santa Maria Novella is one of the oldest pharmacies in the world. It was opened in Florence, Italy in 1612, taking the formulas of Dominican friars that originate from 13th century.
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We're back safe and sound from our 58th buying trip abroad.

We felt especially protected on this trip by the guardian angels that made their way back to us. It's always good to be home.

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Having a glass of champagne near the hotel we all stayed at.

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Today's favorite find, an antique painted armoire fron Uzes with original paper lined interior.

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Finishing up...

Yay, all our market purchases are gathered, wrapped and loaded for the long drive back to Belgium tomorrow for shipping. We take the TGV to Paris and fly home Sunday morning!

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Quiet morning outside our stone rooms after a gusty night.

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    • 12896332 10204389303811747 1871545084 o
    • 12899347 10204389303411737 783980572 o
    • 12899551 10204389304851773 73447583 o
    • 12903726 10204389304651768 462478193 o
    • 12903847 10204389303211732 21673553 o
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Antique Italian bronze angel sculpture, originally a fountainhead. Coming to Relics soon!

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Paint of the St. Nicholas Cathedral in Granada

 We purchased an oil painting of St Nicholas Cathedral in Granada this afternoon, painted in the 1930s. Afterwards, we had the pleasure of walking up to the Albayzin and taking in the same the view from the artists position.

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    • 20160315 142428
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Five years ago, we found these antique angels in Granada.  We bought them and hand packed them intending to bring them on the plane with us to return home.    Unfortunately, in our haste exiting a train and loaded with luggage, we left the package containing the angels on the train rack. We returned to the station late at night after realizing they were missing but the angels were long gone.  For years, we've wondered where the angels ended up until today when we visited the same source-when the owner saw us, he slipped into his office and came out with these two angels that had been sourced back to him.  He knew we had lost them and saved them for our next visit, so today we were reunited and this time they are flying home with us!

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Beautiful Cordoba!

Great history, architecture, food & wine. Our first day in and we're inspired to design a community that incorporates some of these beautiful architectural details.

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    • 10730124 1288486271166813 520262647784512496 n
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It's time for our spring buying trip. Follow along as we post about our adventures in Spain, Belgium and France.

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Fun new t-shirts for the Relics crew!

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We're finished with our facelift...

Now we are having fun merchandising our fresh new loggia. The agave plants add a nice touch, don't you think?

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    • dsc 6870
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    • dsc 6865
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And so phase two of Relics' new look continues...

It is all coming together nicely. We are getting ready to bring life to our logia with these beautiful and hearty agaves. Stay tuned for after photos.

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    • dsc 6404
    • dsc 6406
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Our newest shipment is here!

 Check out our newest goodies...

New Shipment

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Centerpieces Created by Todd for the 2016 Independent Woman Luncheon

 The Independent Woman Luncheon is held annually at The Phoenix Art Museum.

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    • dsc 6145
    • dsc 6144
    • dsc 6146
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And so, phase two of our new look begins...

In phase two, we'll refashion our entry loggia with new hardscape and garden elements to bring the inside out. Boy is it LOUD here today!

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