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Chad Elephant Conservation

This article was published by our friend, Ingrid Formanek, an executive producer with CNN, and an avid supporter in the efforts to save and protect African elephant populations.

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We're home after a successful whirlwind buying trip!

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Another great day in Provence

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Dinner last night. Filet de canard! Love, love a tasty roast duck!

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Pictures of the day...

Beautiful small village off the beaten path, it was quite picturesque.

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 Tim in front of a charming fountain.

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 Cute market place poodle.

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 A cool door knocker that we wanted to purchase, but no one answered the door!

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Another spectacular view in Provence

Love the south of France. Great scenery, food, wine and oh yeah, great antiques too.

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Something we're considering purchasing...

    • 2015 03 31 15 22 05
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Just arrived in Provence

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The view from our hotel room last night - beautiful!

Now we’re off to Brussels for more hunting and gathering for the store. We live for the treasures we discover and get to bring home.

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Foundation of Rodriguez - Acosta.

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Main altar in the Church on San Juan de Dios, Granada - stunningly beautiful.

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We were invited to a convent today

We were invited to a convent today to view some pieces and were treated to a tour of the property. In the protected patio, a stone well head caps a well still in use.

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Day one of our buying trip.

Caught a train immediately after landing and headed south to Cordoba to begin work. We visited two of our sources, then were given a tour of an elaborate convent and two cathedrals. Fairly jet lagged but staying upright makes it easier to stay awake.

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We're getting ready to leave on our spring buying trip!

 Our travels will take us to Spain, Belgium and France. Follow along as we post about our adventures!

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What a great idea!

 Succulents planted in an antique Spanish hand carved stone trough

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Lock in savings on Relics’ limestone fountains - 12 year Euro exchange rate low!

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12 year low in Euro exchange rate results in the best pricing in 12 years on Relics' signature French limestone products, plus save 20% with our special order pricing. Now is the time to take advantage of the beneficial exchange rate. Orders placed and finalized now through March 20th will arrive with our spring shipment at the end of May.

View Relics' French Limestone Free Standing Fountains

View Relics' French Limestone Wall Fountains

Excludes floor models. To guarantee arrival with our spring shipment, orders must be placed and finalized by March 20th, 2015. Estimated arrival date will be late May or early June.

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Fencing Anyone?

 These French antique fencing masks look especially great as a collection.

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    • dsc 2325
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The cutest sink ever!

 I don't think we will have any trouble selling this sink. ;)

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Re-claimed Antique Belgian Grey Brick Installation

We just finished an installation of the re-claimed antique Belgian grey brick and thought our Facebook friends would appreciate seeing pictures. The contractor used a thick layer of compacted AB gravel topped with an inch or inch and a half of sand mixed with a little Portland. The bricks were set and then filled with a mixture of sand and Portland. The job turned out beautiful and really compliments the gates, doors and paint color.

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Our New Shipment Has Just Arrived!

 Our winter travels took us to Spain, Belgium, France and Denmark where we found fabulous antique furnishings, mirrors, troughs and accessories. 

View our complete collection from our New Shipment here:

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