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Relics' Latest Chandeliers and Pendant Lights

We're loving the latest lighting additions to our antique and vintage pendant lights and chandeliers. We have many shapes and sizes of iron and crystal chandeliers, and we even find wooden and bronze pieces too. The perfect chandelier for your entryway, kitchen, den, living room, bedroom or closet can be found here. Finish off the look with our 7 watt or 15 wall silicone dipped bulbs. 

Here's a link to our chandelier gallery:

    • dsc 1111 1 original
    • dsc 2222 1 original
    • dsc 9140 1 original
    • dsc 9398 1 original
    • dsc 9425 1 original
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Order a French Limestone Fountain or Fireplace by August 6th and Save 20%!

French limestone fountains and fireplaces ordered by August 6th will be included on our October shipment. Call 602-265-7354 or email to inquire or order.

To view models visit our

Fireplaces and Accessories Gallery

Wall Fountain Gallery

Free Standing Gallery

Subject to availability. Excludes floor models. Spouts sold separately.

    • fs005
    • dsc 9186
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Happy Fourth of July!

We hope everyone has an awesome Fourth of July!
Relics will be closed on Friday, July 4th, but will be open on Saturday, July 5th for our regular summer hours: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm.

    • bigstock fireworks of multiple colors b 19160846
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Sun Bathing

The July 2014 issue of Phoenix Home and Garden wrote a Trend Watch article on outdoor showers called Sun Bathing. One of the showers featured in the article is composed from an antique industrial tank found at Relics! Link to article:

    • outdoorshower
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Drool Worthy...

 We are in love with this vintage French crystal sac of pearls pendant chandelier!

    • dsc 8971
    • dsc 8974
    • dsc 8975
    • dsc 8976
    • dsc 8977
    • dsc 8978
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The Oldest Objects at Relics

We acquired two antique Phoenician terra cotta amphoras on our last buying trip. They were used to transport wine on ships. They were created with a pointed base so that they could be embedded upright in soft ground, such as sand. These are 4 - 5th century BC.

    • dsc 8505
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It's New Shipment Time!

We had wonderful buying success in Spain, Belgium and France on our last trip. We couldn't even fit everything into two containers! We found beautiful stone pieces, antique troughs and fountains, lots of mirrors, pottery, buffets, shelves, tables and so much more! Visit our "New" gallery to see our complete collection of new treasures.

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Gate and Fountain From Relics

Client install of a gate and fountain from Relics. Makes quite a charming entrance. The gate and fencing was composed using antique iron panels from Relics. The fountain in the background is the perfect finishing touch.

    • 20140207 174245
    • 20140207 174236
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Remembering our country's heroes with gratitude this weekend.

May you all have a safe and happy Memorial Day. Relics will be closed Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

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Re-purposed antique bracero into a chandelier...

A Spanish bracero is a kind of fire pit that was, and sometimes still is, used indoors to heat homes in Spain. We inverted the piece and added a column of new iron to create an interesting and custom chandelier for a client. It is finished off nicely with battery operated candles for ambiance. 

    • dsc 7750
    • dsc 7752
    • dsc 7753
    • dsc 7754
    • dsc 7756
    • dsc 7757
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We saved a baby hummingbird!

We found this baby hummingbird on the ground behind the store yesterday. Gibran was able to scoop it up in a cup without touching it and placed it back into the nest. It was still there this morning, with the mom hovering around nearby. We think it will make it!

    • imag1209 alt
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Our favorite thing we brought back...

 A beautiful antique French hand carved wooden angel.

    • dsc 7899
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We're Back!

And we brought back some great little pieces with us on the plane. We had a great trip and managed to fill two containers this time, which will arrive the end of May, beginning of June.

    • dsc 7865
    • dsc 7861
    • dsc 7855
    • dsc 7874
    • dsc 7870
    • dsc 7884
    • dsc 7907
    • dsc 7890
    • dsc 7881
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Long and productive day!

Started our day at 6:00 am and just barely above 40 degrees.  Markets started late at 2:00, but we were early shoppers and found good things.  Walked 20,000 steps in total and finally say down to dinner at 8:00 pm after a non stop day of wheeling, dealing and loading.

    • 20140417 171517

Loading some of today's purchases which will be unloaded tomorrow, organized and reloaded with the last of our French finds in the morning. 

    • 20140417 183131
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On the hunt in Provence

    • 20140415 112250
    • 20140415 112225
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Stopping to appreciate the Vista in Anduze, France.

    • 20140415 151316
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Just arrived in Provence, isn't this road pretty?

    • 2014041495184340
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A Very Impressive Cathedral of Antwerp at Sunset

    • 10014362 850974131584698 5151232795758156169 o
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In Front of a Friend's House in Antwerp

In front of our friends house which is on the oldest streets in Antwerp.

    • 10010160 850973514918093 1545438192714245977 o

In front of our friends house which is on the oldest streets in Antwerp.

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Our latest find...

17th century Spanish Angels with polychrome finish.

    • 20140407 173325
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